Yoga is Not Just an Exercise It is a Lifeline

Looking for a glowing skin, fit body, weight loss or good health, yoga has always got something for you.  The Yoga originated in ancient India, has many postures called “Yoga Asanas” which includes standing exercises, sitting postures, and meditation. The below 9 benefits of yoga will surely inspire you to adapt Yoga in your day to day life.

yoga is a lifeline
Yoga is a Lifeline

All-round Fitness

What is your definition of all round fitness? All-round fitness is when you are physically fit as well as emotionally balanced. This is where yoga comes into the picture. The Yogasanas help you to stay physically fit, and the Pranayamas help your mind to relax. Pranayamas are nothing but breathing techniques.

Weight Loss

This is what many are looking for! Yoga helps here too. The “Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation” and the “Kapalbhati Pranayama” are some of the yoga techniques that help you to burn your fats. For the best results, one should follow a strict green diet.

kapalbathi pranayama
Kapalbathi Pranayama

Stress Relief

Have a very stressful day at work? Spend few minutes a day to practice yoga and feel the change. The pranayamas and postures are the best techniques to release the stress.

Inner Peace

The most important for a human is inner peace; it can be attained by practicing yoga daily. Yoga can also calm down disturbed mind. “Sukhasana- Easy posture” is the easy way to attain inner peace.

Improved Immunity

With the practice of yoga daily, one’s immune system is bound to increase. The asanas strengthen the muscles and pranayama release stress; making a way for improved immunity.

Improved Memory Power

The breathing and stretching techniques help an individual to improve his memory power. The “churnas – ayurvedic medicine” along with yoga have a greater impact on your memory power.

Better Relationships

When you have a mind that is relaxed then it becomes better to deal with sensitive relationships and thereby introducing happiness in your life.  It also teaches you how to control your anger, the key factor which spoils a relationship.

Yoga Naturally Reduces Pain

Yoga is very effective at relieving pain, there are There are many studies proving that yoga can be very effective at it. All you need to do prepare and follow a routine plan. The same “Asanas” and “pranayamas” will help you out here too.

Increased energy

Yoga is not just an exercise

We are usually exhausted by the evening, where we are supposed to spend quality time with family. A few minutes of yoga while sitting on your sofa can help you feel fresh and more energetic.

The list of benefits from practicing yoga is endless. But one has to be very careful when practicing yoga, if you do the postures in wrong way then it may have a negative impact on you. But no need to worry there are several videos online to help you out.

Remember yoga is a continuous part of your daily life. The more you practice more is the benefit.

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