Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing Soccer

Soccer is the most popular game in the world. The sport is all about running, sprinting, and fast recovery of your energy while chasing the ball to goal to win the match. All this goes continuously for 90 minutes.

Want to improve your health but not want to go to gym and do the workouts?? You can enjoy playing soccer and at the same time, your health improves. This sport is not expensive and you can play at any open areas. All you require is a ball.

This sport has numerous health benefits for all the age group; also good for kids too. They may not have the high athletic ability, but it helps them in better growth, teamwork and coordination. The soccer can be played by any gender, and age.

Health Benefits of Playing Soccer

Some of the health benefits of playing soccer:

Higher Stamina and Better Immunity

Soccer involves accelerating to top speed in few seconds and to stop in a split of a second and change his direction. This process goes on for about 90 min; as a result, your stamina will get better day by day. The research also shows soccer players have better immunity.

Weight Loss

A professional player can travel as much as 100 to 115 km in a single match. This sport is physically demanding, and a person can burn as much as 600 calories per hour of playing football. According to Screaming Eagles Youth Soccer Organization, Omaha, an overweight individual may lose 15 to 20 pounds in a single session. Play, enjoy and reduce your tummy.  How about giving it a try?


Soccer helps an individual to build skills such as speed, power and training your mind to think wisely in critical situations. This sport is not just kicking a ball; it is more than that. It involves thinking while chasing the ball to a goal. This sport also helps to improve your reflexes and flexibility.

Increased Bone Strength

As we grow older our bone density reduces. While the play we take repeated bearing loads which help the bone to become stronger. By the repetitive loads, there will be very small fractures resulting in an increase of our bone strength. No need to worry it is how the bones get stronger. Also, one can expect higher longevity of football players.

Life Skills

The player needs to learn and obey the rules and the coach’s direction. And the sport also requires teamwork and coordination; as a result, one’s life will be enhanced. It is like “football is got your back, no need to worry.”  According to the report of U.S. Anti-Doping Agency competitive sports like soccer help an individual to:

  • Score higher grades
  • Deal with depression
  • Create good family attachment
  • less participation in risky behaviors
  • increased involvement in volunteer work


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