Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

Powerlifting can be a challenging task to do especially for someone who has just started it. To help cope with the pain that comes alongside it, it is necessary to make sure one wears knee sleeves. Knee Sleeves were typically created in order to provide relief and moderate amount of compression to keep them warm and safe. They are made out of the material neoprene. It is highly recommended for any powerlifters to wear these as it acts as a great support.

Powerlifting can be a rather strenuous activity, wearing these knee sleeves can help keep the knees warm which also prevents tendonitis, torn cartilage and other kinds of problems that arise if precautionary measures are not taken. It also prevents the presence of creaky joints which could be annoying and leads to irritation.

Powerlifting Knee Sleeves
Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

Albeit misconceptions occur into thinking knee wraps and knee sleeves are the same, they are in fact, not the same. Knee wraps are created to be stiffer compared to classic knee sleeves. They are also different in length and width compared to knee sleeves. It is said that lifters are able life more weights when wearing knee wraps.

There is a wide variety of knee sleeves available out there ranging from cheap to expensive. As suggested by some users of knee sleeves, many prefer Tommy Kono or Rehbands to get their knee sleeves. TKs are found to be much cheaper than Rehbands but have the advantage of keeping the knees warmer.

However, again, as TK is the cheaper one, it comes with its perks. The Rehbands are said to be much easier to remove, hassle-free after wearing it for long hours, but on the other hand, TKs are much more complicated to remove. Again, once the method of removing is well understood, it’s not all that complicated. Another disadvantage is that, TKs fall apart very easily. They don’t last longer than a good six months to one year, so are not the better option to be bought for the long run. Rehbands, however, last for a really long time.

It could be a rather difficult choice between the two as both don’t have all that is needed. On one hand we have Rehbands which are expensive, less effective but of higher quality and lasts longer, and on the other side we have TKs which provide warmer knees, a bigger hassle to remove them, but are inexpensive. The choice is entirely up to what you think may be best for you!

For many out there, fashion is just as much important and the best fit is out there for them – Titan Knee Sleeves. Titan offers a variety of colors including red trim, blue trim, grey trim, purple trim, and many more. They are not the best of quality, but are much more inexpensive compared to Rehbands.

Another brand for powerlifting knee sleeves is the SBD. These are longer is size than traditional knee sleeves thus provides more coverage. This in turn takes us on the fact that more coverage means more support and carryover. SBD also offers a wider range of size options which means you can precisely choose exactly how small or big you would like your knee sleeve to be. SBDs also come in two different colors – red and black as compared with Rehbands that come in only one color, the original – blue.

Knee injuries are a major part of many sports if played on the intense level. Carelessness can leave us seriously injured and on bed for days end on. Therefore we need to wear knee sleeves in order to save ourselves from the risk of getting those injuries.

Knee sleeves are created to reduce the chances of being a victim of knee injuries. This protection is especially necessary for people who put their knees to risk on a daily basis by getting involved in various activities including running, football, basketball, powerlifting, squats and more. They also aid blood flow which reduces the pain factor not just during the performance but even after. Thus, compression plus blood flow means a better and faster recovery!

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