5 Scent Setup You Need To Know For Deer Hunting

One thing hunters must know about is how to make sure that they have the right scent setup to attract deer and ensure that they won’t get detected while about to take their aim! If you aren’t sure about how to do that, then read on!

Do you ever have a moment in deer hunting that everything worked out exactly as you planned? The answer is a big “NO” for most of the cases, right. A little tweaking in technique or product might drive you to success or sometimes the whole hunting process. For example, using deer scent to attract deer is nothing new. Hunters are using it for years. But not everyone is getting the results they are looking for. Some hunters ended up with bad experience which restricts them using scents altogether.

I know because I’ve gone through this. I’ve got poor experience due to oversights and lack of general knowledge of proper scent usage. But, many hunters are using this successfully in dozens of different ways. Can you accept failure hunting demise? No one will allow.


If you ever experienced poor or mediocre results with lures, scents, and attractants, you landed in the right place. After a huge failure, I took professional advice from two industry expert. They’ve shared many pro tips, tricks, and strategies to turn hard works into success.

These, killer and proven fresh scent setup guidelines will enhance your success right now.

1. Take Advantage of Mock Scrapes:

Mainly there are three reasons for which people make Mock Scrapes. These are an attraction, distraction, and action. Even photographers like the locations for setting deer with trail cameras. In an interview, Terry Rohm of Tink’s said: “natural scrapes appear in nonideal location for an ambush”. So to solve this create a mock scrape in a reasonable place from where you can shot better.

Don’t overhunt them. Many bowhunters failed for this mistake. Invest less time around the scrapes so that it could hold more scent. To fool deer’ nose and to encourage others, use flavor wisely. Because bucks will check it out once or twice. The more you sweeten the Mock Scrapes, the more chances you’ll get.

2. Tarsal Gland Tricks:

Deer used to communicate mostly based on their tarsal glands. All year long hunters use this tricks as it peaks a deer’s curiosity. Wise use of this can entice your buck to any shape or size within your stand’s range. Deer are very inquisitive animals. They like to investigate familiar and unfamiliar deer.

Have you visited the forest in the early season? You must have been observed that bucks are in bachelor groups in that season. So you’ll get positive results in using tarsal gland from harvested deer tricks. Same way, this trick works well during the rut also. Do you like to hang the actual tarsal gland in a tree? I use this technique most, including drag rag, on a scent wick even sprayed onto scrapes.

3. Drag Line is Your Friend:

Simplicity is always better and this dragline technique is easy to set-up to get some extraordinary results. When you are laying down the scent, you’ve to consider the wind direction. You’ve to soak the scent in the sponge attached to one end of the rope. Experts say; the trick is to apply the odor liberally to get the best results. Personally, at the early age of my hunting career, I don’t soak my drag rags enough.

Bucks always follow the strongest and freshest aroma. So if the rag isn’t soaked with enough scent, then they’ll decide other ways. Same time when you reach your favorite tree stands, the smell may be diminished. Additionally, drag the line near to your shooting position and leave the soaked on the ground. Why you’ve to do it? Because it’ll ensure the deer to walk through the broader place and you’ll get enough space to get a clear shot.

4. The Curiosity Setup:

During a long deep rut track, deer aren’t so curious to eat much. So, if you target food instead of pre and post-rut, your strategy won’t work. To attract deer by peaking curiosity, it’s always wise to use both prior to, and after, the rut has come and gone. To figure out the spot of deer’s curiosity where it tries to investigate its source, it’s ideal to use the best binoculars for hunting. And you’ll get a proper place to kill bucks. Similarly, professional hunters suggest using doe and bucking urine which can certainly trigger curious behavior in deer. I’ve found positive results in using doe-in-estrous lures.

5. Decoy Deception:

This is another effective scent technique especially where I get thick cover and limited visibility. Pro-hunters suggest not using scent when a buck can figure out decoy from long distance. Because too many clues will distract the deer and it could limit their interest. So, if they can see the decoy but can’t smell, it’ll lure them to investigate. Bucks’ smelling capacity is always far better than human. So, attract and guide them to your shooting range.


Likewise, when the bucks are brought in a back of your truck, it’ll attach some foreign odors which need to be removed. So rather blaming scents or the decoy itself, you need to spray scent really well. Give a buck’s nose enough credit. They are expert in smelling the foreign aroma, human odor or vehicle fumes on the decoy. Set up the decoy a bit far away from your tree stand.

I usually face the decoy towards my position as a buck wants to attack another on the head. I’ve noticed that to check scent, deer approach a doe from behind. So, I apply the scent to the ground or underneath the decoy. Trust me; it massively increases my buck hunting success.

Now you’ve got some lifetime deer scent attractant tactics. So why not give these a try this year? Make a strategic plan and load your gear including binoculars, bow, deer scents, ground blind, thumb releases and tree stand. Remember, don’t rely on luck; rather create your own.

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