5 Scent setup you need to know for deer hunting

One thing hunters must know about is how to make sure that they have the right scent setup to attract deer and ensure that they won’t get detected while about to take their aim! If you aren’t sure about how to do that, then read on!

Do you ever have a moment in deer hunting that everything worked out exactly as you planned? The answer is a big “NO” for most of the cases, right. A little tweaking in technique or product might drive you to success or sometimes the whole hunting process. For example, using deer scent to attract deer is nothing new. Hunters are using it for years. But not everyone is getting the results they are looking for. Some hunters ended up with bad experience which restricts them using scents altogether.

I know because I’ve gone through this. I’ve got poor experience due to oversights and lack of general knowledge of proper scent usage. But, many hunters are using this successfully in dozens of different ways. Can you accept failure hunting demise? No one will allow.


If you ever experienced poor or mediocre results with lures, scents, and attractants, you landed in the right place. After a huge failure, I took professional advice from two industry expert. They’ve shared many pro tips, tricks, and strategies to turn hard works into success.

These, killer and proven fresh scent setup guidelines will enhance your success right now.

1. Take Advantage of Mock Scrapes:

Mainly there are three reasons for which people make Mock Scrapes. These are an attraction, distraction, and action. Even photographers like the locations for setting deer with trail cameras. In an interview, Terry Rohm of Tink’s said: “natural scrapes appear in nonideal location for an ambush”. So to solve this create a mock scrape in a reasonable place from where you can shot better.

Don’t overhunt them. Many bowhunters failed for this mistake. Invest less time around the scrapes so that it could hold more scent. To fool deer’ nose and to encourage others, use flavor wisely. Because bucks will check it out once or twice. The more you sweeten the Mock Scrapes, the more chances you’ll get.

2. Tarsal Gland Tricks:

Deer used to communicate mostly based on their tarsal glands. All year long hunters use this tricks as it peaks a deer’s curiosity. Wise use of this can entice your buck to any shape or size within your stand’s range. Deer are very inquisitive animals. They like to investigate familiar and unfamiliar deer.

Have you visited the forest in the early season? You must have been observed that bucks are in bachelor groups in that season. So you’ll get positive results in using tarsal gland from harvested deer tricks. Same way, this trick works well during the rut also. Do you like to hang the actual tarsal gland in a tree? I use this technique most, including drag rag, on a scent wick even sprayed onto scrapes.

3. Drag Line is Your Friend:

Simplicity is always better and this dragline technique is easy to set-up to get some extraordinary results. When you are laying down the scent, you’ve to consider the wind direction. You’ve to soak the scent in the sponge attached to one end of the rope. Experts say; the trick is to apply the odor liberally to get the best results. Personally, at the early age of my hunting career, I don’t soak my drag rags enough.

Bucks always follow the strongest and freshest aroma. So if the rag isn’t soaked with enough scent, then they’ll decide other ways. Same time when you reach your favorite tree stands, the smell may be diminished. Additionally, drag the line near to your shooting position and leave the soaked on the ground. Why you’ve to do it? Because it’ll ensure the deer to walk through the broader place and you’ll get enough space to get a clear shot.

4. The Curiosity Setup:

During a long deep rut track, deer aren’t so curious to eat much. So, if you target food instead of pre and post-rut, your strategy won’t work. To attract deer by peaking curiosity, it’s always wise to use both prior to, and after, the rut has come and gone. To figure out the spot of deer’s curiosity where it tries to investigate its source, it’s ideal to use the best binoculars for hunting. And you’ll get a proper place to kill bucks. Similarly, professional hunters suggest using doe and bucking urine which can certainly trigger curious behavior in deer. I’ve found positive results in using doe-in-estrous lures.

5. Decoy Deception:

This is another effective scent technique especially where I get thick cover and limited visibility. Pro-hunters suggest not using scent when a buck can figure out decoy from long distance. Because too many clues will distract the deer and it could limit their interest. So, if they can see the decoy but can’t smell, it’ll lure them to investigate. Bucks’ smelling capacity is always far better than human. So, attract and guide them to your shooting range.


Likewise, when the bucks are brought in a back of your truck, it’ll attach some foreign odors which need to be removed. So rather blaming scents or the decoy itself, you need to spray scent really well. Give a buck’s nose enough credit. They are expert in smelling the foreign aroma, human odor or vehicle fumes on the decoy. Set up the decoy a bit far away from your tree stand.

I usually face the decoy towards my position as a buck wants to attack another on the head. I’ve noticed that to check scent, deer approach a doe from behind. So, I apply the scent to the ground or underneath the decoy. Trust me; it massively increases my buck hunting success.

Now you’ve got some lifetime deer scent attractant tactics. So why not give these a try this year? Make a strategic plan and load your gear including binoculars, bow, deer scents, ground blind, thumb releases and tree stand. Remember, don’t rely on luck; rather create your own.

Right Outdoor Camping Items

Outdoor camping has been an adventure that many of us have been longing for. We tend to be creatures of habit, we go about our everyday lives not changing a thing. A great way to change our routine is to plan a weekend outdoor camping trip. What a great way to enjoy a couple of days, getting out of the city to enjoy the outdoors and explore what nature has to offer. However, you will need the right kind of camping gear to make your trip a little easier. First, you will need a tent for shelter and security, while you sleep. It is best to test your tent before heading out, by setting it up in the backyard, to make sure there are no holes and mildew, while it has been stored away.


When you finally get to where you chose to camp, you will want to set-up your tent as soon as you get there, so you can relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. You could also, take a walk to really get the best of outdoor camping and experience all that nature has to offer. The fresh air, the trees, and the surrounding mountains, or there may even be a nearby lake.

It is important to get a good night’s sleep camping outdoors. For you to sleep well you will need some bedding, sleeping bags are a great source to keep you warm on those chilly nights, while an air mattress will keep you off the hard ground for a more comfortable sleep. We also have to eat well, to keep up our energy and strength. A camping stove is a good way for cooking great meals, just like you do at home. However, make sure to keep your food locked up to keep bugs and animals out. If you don’t want to get caught in the dark you will need some lighting, flashlights or lanterns are a good source of light if for some reason you need to get up in the night.

So to be more prepared for our next outdoor camping trip, it is best to have a list of camping equipment made out beforehand. Also, a good quality tent to make your trip a more pleasant one.

Buying camping items is not that easy, buying ordinary items may raise a threat to your trip. Remember that it is not easy to find camping items everywhere. Therefore, it is good to buy the best tent stakes that will not need replacement now and then. You should also ensure that you carry the best outdoor tanning lotion. The lotion is designed in a way that it does it harm your skin at the same time, it plays a protective role against the harmful sun rays. Buying ordinary lotions may finally cause health issues on your skin.

Therefore, when shopping for any outdoor camping trip, always ensure that you carry the best. Only quality items will guarantee a nice adventure without stress. Your family and colleagues will be happy throughout the trip. The kids will never forget such moments especially during their holidays even during their old age.

Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

Powerlifting can be a challenging task to do especially for someone who has just started it. To help cope with the pain that comes alongside it, it is necessary to make sure one wears knee sleeves. Knee Sleeves were typically created in order to provide relief and moderate amount of compression to keep them warm and safe. They are made out of the material neoprene. It is highly recommended for any powerlifters to wear these as it acts as a great support.

Powerlifting can be a rather strenuous activity, wearing these knee sleeves can help keep the knees warm which also prevents tendonitis, torn cartilage and other kinds of problems that arise if precautionary measures are not taken. It also prevents the presence of creaky joints which could be annoying and leads to irritation.

Powerlifting Knee Sleeves
Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

Albeit misconceptions occur into thinking knee wraps and knee sleeves are the same, they are in fact, not the same. Knee wraps are created to be stiffer compared to classic knee sleeves. They are also different in length and width compared to knee sleeves. It is said that lifters are able life more weights when wearing knee wraps.

There is a wide variety of knee sleeves available out there ranging from cheap to expensive. As suggested by some users of knee sleeves, many prefer Tommy Kono or Rehbands to get their knee sleeves. TKs are found to be much cheaper than Rehbands but have the advantage of keeping the knees warmer.

However, again, as TK is the cheaper one, it comes with its perks. The Rehbands are said to be much easier to remove, hassle-free after wearing it for long hours, but on the other hand, TKs are much more complicated to remove. Again, once the method of removing is well understood, it’s not all that complicated. Another disadvantage is that, TKs fall apart very easily. They don’t last longer than a good six months to one year, so are not the better option to be bought for the long run. Rehbands, however, last for a really long time.

It could be a rather difficult choice between the two as both don’t have all that is needed. On one hand we have Rehbands which are expensive, less effective but of higher quality and lasts longer, and on the other side we have TKs which provide warmer knees, a bigger hassle to remove them, but are inexpensive. The choice is entirely up to what you think may be best for you!

For many out there, fashion is just as much important and the best fit is out there for them – Titan Knee Sleeves. Titan offers a variety of colors including red trim, blue trim, grey trim, purple trim, and many more. They are not the best of quality, but are much more inexpensive compared to Rehbands.

Another brand for powerlifting knee sleeves is the SBD. These are longer is size than traditional knee sleeves thus provides more coverage. This in turn takes us on the fact that more coverage means more support and carryover. SBD also offers a wider range of size options which means you can precisely choose exactly how small or big you would like your knee sleeve to be. SBDs also come in two different colors – red and black as compared with Rehbands that come in only one color, the original – blue.

Knee injuries are a major part of many sports if played on the intense level. Carelessness can leave us seriously injured and on bed for days end on. Therefore we need to wear knee sleeves in order to save ourselves from the risk of getting those injuries.

Knee sleeves are created to reduce the chances of being a victim of knee injuries. This protection is especially necessary for people who put their knees to risk on a daily basis by getting involved in various activities including running, football, basketball, powerlifting, squats and more. They also aid blood flow which reduces the pain factor not just during the performance but even after. Thus, compression plus blood flow means a better and faster recovery!

top 5 female badminton players

Badminton is a kind of sport that requires one to move around a lot while on the field. It is a sport that requires utmost attention while playing it. If anytime in between the game one loses awareness as to what is going on, it may lead to injuries as the ball may hit the player, also the player might miss a chance to hit the ball back. Thus, this game requires not just the physical presence but the player should focus on the game thoroughly mentally.

Female Badminton Players
Top 5 Female Badminton Players

Badminton is a sport that is very common among females. There are many top level female badminton players around the world who have showcased great form while playing the game. They have become an epitome of great play for many youngsters out there. Let’s look into 5 such ladies who made a mark in their career:

Top 5 Female Badminton Players

1. Tai Tzu Ying

Tai Tzu YingShe is one of the finest badminton players of Taiwan. In the year 2011, Ying won herself the title of Taiwanese ranking, at the time being as young as 16 years and 6 months old. Thus, that makes her the youngest number one player from her country, Taiwan. She is currently ranked fifth, however, her highest ever ranking in females badminton has been 4th

2. Wang Shixian

Wang ShixianBorn on 13th February, 1990, Shixian is a badminton player from China and was the former number one World champion in women’s singles. She has managed to earn 16 individual titles to herself, and is currently ranked fifth in the world rankings.

3. Li Xuerui

Li XueruiShe is a female badminton player again from the country of China. She has been known as one the finest and most successful players of her time. As of the year 2015, Xuerui has been ranked number three in the women’s singles and the reigning Olympic Champion. She has won for herself 21 individual titles.

4. Sania Nehwal

Sania NehwalSania Nehwal is an Indian badminton player who is currently ranked at the second position in the world by the BWF Women’s Singles 2015. She is highly recognised as she was known to be the first Indian to receive a medal at the Olympics. She achieved this feat by winning the bronze medal. She is also the first Indian after Prakash Padukone and the first Indian women to become number one in the World.

5. Carlina Martin

Carlina MartinShe is a badminton player from Spain who is currently ranked number one in the World by the Badminton World Federation Women’s Singles 2015. She became the world champion in women’s single in the year 2014 and 2015. She has also won 18 individual titles to herself, making her top the list!

Thus, there are many great players who have emerged from the game of badminton. They have not just done their countries proud, but have not failed to act as a beacon of hope to every girl aspiring to be like them some day. Their exceptional gameplay has never failed to leave anyone in awe.

best knee sleeves

Playing various kinds of sports can be a strenuous activity. It can also be bad for the knees if the sports are not played with care. Thus, this is why people should always wear knee sleeves. They are great for athletes that are looking to improve their performance through compression. They can be worn by anyone who is looking to protect their knees from various kinds of knee injuries that have become increasingly common these days.

Following is a list of some of the best knee sleeves out in the market that work like magic for the knees and give awesome relief:

1.Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve – Model 7051 Original Blue

rehband 7mm knee sleeveRehbands are one of the top selling knee sleeves of all times. They help to effectively prevent any sort of knee injury, also help to rehabilitate. They increase performance whilst giving your knees the best protection it deserves. Also best used for compression and training purposes.

2. Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit – 7mm Neoprene Sleeve for the Best Squats – Both Women & Men – by Nordic Lifting – 1 Year Warranty

nordic lifting knee sleeves

The Nordic lifting sleeves have been on the top and has been highly recommended by many wearers. They are best for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, for compression and recovery. It also sells for a great price for a solid pair of sleeves.

3. McDavid 401 Compression Knee Sleeve

McDavid 401 Compression Knee SleeveMcDavid sleeves provides great compression and performance for high level athletes – basketball, football and volleyball players who recommend these sleeves for extended top and bottom and protective pad.

4. Rehband Core Line Knee Suport (7751)

rehband Core Line Knee SuportThe Rehband Core Line Knee Sleeve, which is another version of the Rehband Company that can be used for any sort of athletics and also general rehabilitation. These sleeves are best known for tightly hugging the knee and providing compression and warmth for performance and recovery.

5. CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace, #1 Compression Fit Support – GUARANTEED Recovery Sleeve – Wear Anywhere – Single

CopperJoint Compression Knee SleevesThe CopperJoint Compression Knee Sleeves offer the best of compression, protection, performance and temperature regulation whether it’s for an athlete, or simple for someone who wants to go to gym on a regular basis. This is one of the most advanced heating and compression sleeves and it’s extended as well.

6. VIPER® Compression Knee Sleeve Leg Support (Full Length) – TruCore® 3-Layer Wicking, Non Slip Inner Bands – Basketball, Running, Weight Lifting, Crossfit, Arthritis (SINGLE)

VIPER Compression Knee SleeveLastly, the VIPER Compression Knee Sleeve that are full-length knee sleeves are perfect for athletes who need full coverage at the same time not having to worry about putting their knees at risk as it works just as perfectly like any other knee sleeve. This full length stays in place for the whole time and provides excellent support.

Thus, the market provides a wide variety of knee sleeves to choose from. Buyers have the comfort of choosing according to their whims and desires. The best part is these knee sleeves come with their own range of prices so there isn’t a problem of cost either.

Knee sleeves are crucial to any athlete as it is the key in helping to keep their knees in a proper manner and to prevent knee injuries from taking place that may otherwise harm the knees and also helps the athletes to deliver their best performance while on field.

playing football

Soccer is the most popular game in the world. The sport is all about running, sprinting, and fast recovery of your energy while chasing the ball to goal to win the match. All this goes continuously for 90 minutes.

Want to improve your health but not want to go to gym and do the workouts?? You can enjoy playing soccer and at the same time, your health improves. This sport is not expensive and you can play at any open areas. All you require is a ball.

This sport has numerous health benefits for all the age group; also good for kids too. They may not have the high athletic ability, but it helps them in better growth, teamwork and coordination. The soccer can be played by any gender, and age.

Health Benefits of Playing Soccer

Some of the health benefits of playing soccer:

Higher Stamina and Better Immunity

Soccer involves accelerating to top speed in few seconds and to stop in a split of a second and change his direction. This process goes on for about 90 min; as a result, your stamina will get better day by day. The research also shows soccer players have better immunity.

Weight Loss

A professional player can travel as much as 100 to 115 km in a single match. This sport is physically demanding, and a person can burn as much as 600 calories per hour of playing football. According to Screaming Eagles Youth Soccer Organization, Omaha, an overweight individual may lose 15 to 20 pounds in a single session. Play, enjoy and reduce your tummy.  How about giving it a try?


Soccer helps an individual to build skills such as speed, power and training your mind to think wisely in critical situations. This sport is not just kicking a ball; it is more than that. It involves thinking while chasing the ball to a goal. This sport also helps to improve your reflexes and flexibility.

Increased Bone Strength

As we grow older our bone density reduces. While the play we take repeated bearing loads which help the bone to become stronger. By the repetitive loads, there will be very small fractures resulting in an increase of our bone strength. No need to worry it is how the bones get stronger. Also, one can expect higher longevity of football players.

Life Skills

The player needs to learn and obey the rules and the coach’s direction. And the sport also requires teamwork and coordination; as a result, one’s life will be enhanced. It is like “football is got your back, no need to worry.”  According to the report of U.S. Anti-Doping Agency competitive sports like soccer help an individual to:

  • Score higher grades
  • Deal with depression
  • Create good family attachment
  • less participation in risky behaviors
  • increased involvement in volunteer work



Looking for a glowing skin, fit body, weight loss or good health, yoga has always got something for you.  The Yoga originated in ancient India, has many postures called “Yoga Asanas” which includes standing exercises, sitting postures, and meditation. The below 9 benefits of yoga will surely inspire you to adapt Yoga in your day to day life.

yoga is a lifeline
Yoga is a Lifeline

All-round Fitness

What is your definition of all round fitness? All-round fitness is when you are physically fit as well as emotionally balanced. This is where yoga comes into the picture. The Yogasanas help you to stay physically fit, and the Pranayamas help your mind to relax. Pranayamas are nothing but breathing techniques.

Weight Loss

This is what many are looking for! Yoga helps here too. The “Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation” and the “Kapalbhati Pranayama” are some of the yoga techniques that help you to burn your fats. For the best results, one should follow a strict green diet.

kapalbathi pranayama
Kapalbathi Pranayama

Stress Relief

Have a very stressful day at work? Spend few minutes a day to practice yoga and feel the change. The pranayamas and postures are the best techniques to release the stress.

Inner Peace

The most important for a human is inner peace; it can be attained by practicing yoga daily. Yoga can also calm down disturbed mind. “Sukhasana- Easy posture” is the easy way to attain inner peace.

Improved Immunity

With the practice of yoga daily, one’s immune system is bound to increase. The asanas strengthen the muscles and pranayama release stress; making a way for improved immunity.

Improved Memory Power

The breathing and stretching techniques help an individual to improve his memory power. The “churnas – ayurvedic medicine” along with yoga have a greater impact on your memory power.

Better Relationships

When you have a mind that is relaxed then it becomes better to deal with sensitive relationships and thereby introducing happiness in your life.  It also teaches you how to control your anger, the key factor which spoils a relationship.

Yoga Naturally Reduces Pain

Yoga is very effective at relieving pain, there are There are many studies proving that yoga can be very effective at it. All you need to do prepare and follow a routine plan. The same “Asanas” and “pranayamas” will help you out here too.

Increased energy

Yoga is not just an exercise

We are usually exhausted by the evening, where we are supposed to spend quality time with family. A few minutes of yoga while sitting on your sofa can help you feel fresh and more energetic.

The list of benefits from practicing yoga is endless. But one has to be very careful when practicing yoga, if you do the postures in wrong way then it may have a negative impact on you. But no need to worry there are several videos online to help you out.

Remember yoga is a continuous part of your daily life. The more you practice more is the benefit.

Top 8 Most Difficult Sports In The World

Ever wondered which are the most difficult games to play in this world?  We have compiled some of the most difficult sports in the world. Some of them require great physical physique while others require good physique as well as mind control.

1. Boxing

Boxing is the world’s difficult sport, it requires a good physique. Basically, a boxer is tested for his strength, endurance, and power to get himself punished. Did you know? For a 36 min round, a professional boxer prepares for at least 3 to 4 months.

An interesting fact: Boxing gloves were not introduced for safety purpose, but to increase the hits and dramatic knockouts. The gloves are more dangerous than the bare-knuckle boxing.


2. Rugby

Rugby is an another form of football, it all started at Rugby school in the 19th century. Rugby not just test’s the physical strength, endurance of a player but also his quickness.

Rugby clothing is designed to be robust and hardwearing than soccer clothes. Initially, the rugby clothes were made of cotton but now they are made up of cotton and polyester mix.


3. Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts is another dangerous game, In this sport player can make use of grappling, striking and also ground based grappling techniques. Its techniques are mostly from traditional martial arts (TDA). The main difference between TDA and MMA is that TDA is practiced for self-protection whereas MMA is a sport.

Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts

4. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the sports which requires physical fitness and coordination of reflexes along with a great focus to make those difficult moves. One of the common myths about gymnastics is that it is a girl’s game. Did you know? Until Olympics 1928 only men were allowed to compete in gymnastics.


5. ICE hockey

Don’t underestimate the strength and skills required for mastering ICE hockey. The player needs to spend 1 hour standing on the steel blade maintaining his balance and change his directions quickly and move constantly. It requires a lot of practice to master this game.

ICE hockey
ICE hockey

6. Football

Here comes the most popular sport in the world. Football at professional level demands more physical strength. A typical football ground is 100 yards long and 50 yards wide. The game continuously moves from one end to another, and the player has to accelerate quickly to top speed and stop in a split of a second. In the high-intensity matches, a player may cover a distance of 100 to 115 km.


7. Basketball

Basketball yet another high energetic sport, involving quicker movements and most importantly jumping. During the game, the player always wants himself to be in better position. Needless to say, the sport requires good coordination with other teammates.


8. Rowing

Rowing requires continuous raw power generation through leg drive and strong muscular strength for a long stretch making it one of the hardest sport in the world.